With over 20 years of experience in the field of IT, EItCare.com is the number one choice for IT and business related services. We specialize in Web Designing and Development, Website Management, Mobile Application Development, IT consultation, IT Infrastructure Solutions and Oracle Database Management Services, onsite and remote services for computers and servers, delivered by friendly and professional experts. By choosing EITCARE, you can choose to access all of your different IT services in one place.

We will strive to help you to maximize the vision of your company through static, dynamic and E-Commerce web design with plug-in & module development solutions. Our Web Development team can design, develop, maintain and promote innovate web solutions and web applications for all of your business sites. By offering end-to-end e-commerce solutions which integrate seamlessly with your business website, we are able to create websites which give your customers more.

Our web team cares about your customer experience and understands that your website reflects your brand to the world. By developing a clear understanding of your goals, objectives, business ethos and target audience, we are able to design websites which will engage visitors from start to finish.

In addition to IT solutions, EITCARE can also help to develop your consumer outreach strategies to make them more robust and responsive to the changing business environment. Using e-Business Solutions, SEO techniques, Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing strategies, we can help your business to gain visibility online and reach more of your target audience.



EITCARE specializes in static, dynamic and E-commerce web design with plug-in & module development solutions and maintenance services to maximize your company’s vision. Our highly creative and experienced Web development team creates and implements end-to-end e-commerce solutions that are integrated into your business website impeccably. We are the whole package, we do the design, development, maintenance and promotion of websites and can also offer any other web applications you may need.

EITCARE starts with you! We understand the value of information, design and integrative branding that will catch your customer’s eye right from the start and have them coming back again and again. We take the time to get to understand you and your brand, your goals and your objectives for your website and then build something you can be excited about!

 At EITCARE, we love what we do. We would love to assist you in restructuring your procedures so that your consumer outreach is more robust, adaptive and responsive to the ever changing markets. At EITCARE our main focus is e-Business Solutions, SEO, Social Media and Digital Marketing services that will help your organization gain online visibility as well as reach out your target markets. Let us help you grow and prosper online.



At EITCARE, we are pleased to be able to offer mobile application development services and solutions that will meet your needs in a challenging global market. Consumers now access more and more data via mobile devices, so mobile applications are essential for any business which wants to compete. EITCARE can develop exciting mobile applications to help your customers and colleagues to engage with your brand, even when they are on the go.

We are able to offer cost effective, high quality mobile application technology which is delivered in a timely manner. Mobile applications can be developed for use on iOS, Android OS and Windows OS, to allow you to run a creative and lucrative mobile marketing campaign, whichever devices your consumers are using.



EITCARE offers users a smart Business Intelligence Application which provides a comprehensive business intelligence solution. Thanks to advanced personalization options, users can utilize the application to improve and simplify IT management, streamline installations and enable faster deployment at a reduced risk.
The Oracle E-Business Suite is designed to be used by organizations of every size, in all industries and across every region. The goal of the Oracle E-Business Suite is to help to reduce business costs and increase their productivity through better decision-making. The Suite also allows increased competitiveness by providing businesses with a holistic or global view of operations.
EITCARE can provide support with Oracle E-Business Suite in the areas of:

• Interface Development
• Oracle E-Business Suite Form Personalization
• 3rd Party Component Development
• Oracle E-Business Suite Customized Reports Development and Deployment


EItCare are pleased to be able to offer competitive back office support for businesses which are seeking to outsource their support service requirements. These services are fast, accurate, professional and trustworthy, yet reasonably priced. We aim to offer sublime services which come in at less than 70% of standard labor costs for a competitive business of your size.
The back office support services that we are able to offer include; administrative work, order processing services, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel etc) PDF creation, Data Entry, email support and other basic level backend IT tasks. We can also help with website content and management, IT administration and support, and graphic design services.


EITCARE aims to provide customers with the office IT solutions which are required to enable individual businesses to succeed. We understand that technology is a valuable resource for business, but it is only worthwhile if it works well. Knowing the common “pain points” of our clients helps us to address issues and stop these problems in their tracks. By delivering cost-effective IT solutions, we are able to provide each client with great value for money.
Office IT Solutions services include; management of IT infrastructure, server support, and support for remote working devices. We also cover IT security services and digital data protection. We can offer; troubleshooting, setup, virus removal and security scanning for all company computers; and server administration, backup solutions, migration, upgrade, exchange and management.


  • Trouble shooting
  • E-mail setup
  • Virus removal
  • Spyware /Malware


  • Administration
  • Backup solution
  • Migration
  • Server upgrade
  • Management
  • Exchange Server


  • IT Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Networking and IT infrastructure solutions
  • Database management
  • SharePoint
  • Oracle


EItCare.com is proud to be a leading provider of IT technologies and services. All of our employees help us to reach our goals and offer our customers impeccable service. If you are interested in becoming part of our dynamic and progressive team, please email in a copy of your resume.

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